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Donations and grants

Making Contributions for Appropriate Purposes

As a leader in brain disease, we have a responsibility to promote disease awareness and help address the societal burden. As part of this work, we may provide donations and grants to eligible recipients for appropriate purposes.

Our contribution

Providing donations and grants is one way of confirming our responsibility towards society and helping people living with brain disease to access health provision. Donations and Grants must be freely given for the purpose of supporting healthcare, scientific research, or education, with no consequent obligation on the recipient organisation, institution, and the like to provide goods or services to the benefit of the pharmaceutical company in return.


Our processes for assessing requests are designed to ensure we can provide appropriate contributions without obtaining any benefits in return. 



  • In general Donations are physical items, services or benefits in-kind which may be offered or requested
  • The involvement of Lundbeck in such activities must be made clear to those receiving a service
  • In addition, Lundbeck’s involvement in any services should be made clear to patients
  • Such involvement must also be made clear in any associated materials for patients


  • Grants are financial assistance provided by Lundbeck to a reputable non-for-profit Healthcare related Organisation (HCO) or Patient Organisation (PO) for an altruistic, non-business-related purpose
  • Grants made to HCOs and/or POs must be in response to an unsolicited request from the HCO or PO
  • They must be provided directly to the qualifying organisation and never to an individual

Donations and Grants are always non-promotional and unconditional and must enhance patient care or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care. The perception created by a Donation or Grant is as important as the reality in the provision of the Donation or Grant. 


For further information or to enquire about applying for a donation or grant, please contact united_kingdom@lundbeck.com

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