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Report adverse drug reaction

Report an adverse drug reaction 

At Lundbeck, we acknowledge our responsibility to people who depend on our products and knowledge to manage their disease. Reporting of adverse drug reactions by healthcare professionals and patients is important in order for us to continuously evaluate the benefits and risks of our products and take proactive action as warranted.

A side effect is an unwanted and unintended effect of a medicinal product experienced by a person. All medicinal products have potential side effects (also known as adverse events), but products may also have unexpected benefits.

At Lundbeck, we continuously monitor the safety and quality of our products to safeguard the people who depend on taking them. Information on side effects, unexpected benefits or other safety information (such as e.g. medication errors, pregnancy or use outside the approved indication) is an important source of information for this process. 


When we receive a report of a potential adverse drug reaction, the report will be entered into the Lundbeck Safety Database and it will be evaluated by a team of medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists. In case of any ambiguity or missing information in the report, we are obliged to contact the reporter for additional information. If the report is received from a patient, we will ask for permission to contact the patient’s doctor, nurse or pharmacist to confirm the provided information and potentially also request additional relevant information to enable us to assess the case.


Adverse drug reaction reports will be reported as individual cases to worldwide health authorities and also be included in cumulative reports according to national legislation and requirements. In addition, they will be included in the ongoing monitoring for new signals that will help us to identify potential new risks associated with our products. Patient information and other personal data reported to Lundbeck will be further processed in an anonymised manner according to current data protection laws.


If you experience a potential adverse drug reaction, please consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist for advice.


Report adverse drug reaction

If you wish to report an adverse drug reaction, side-effect or other safety issue with a Lundbeck product, please forward your message to SafetyLuUnitedKingdom@lundbeck.com or telephone 01908 638972.


Alternatively you may use the online contact form by clicking below.

Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard.  

Please note that that we may contact you to follow-up on the information provided.

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