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Lundbeck Institute Canada

Experience career-long learning with the Lundbeck Institute Canada

For more than 25 years, the Lundbeck Institute has been at the forefront of providing evidence-based medical education to healthcare professionals around the globe in psychiatry and neurology. Our mission is to become your trusted partner in career-long learning, meeting health care professionals’ individual learning needs in the fields of neurology and psychiatry.

Translating Science into daily clinical practice

As part of the Lundbeck Institute mission, we envision learning as a personalized, ongoing journey that integrates evidence-based science into daily clinical practice. We contribute to shaping engaging, customizable programs using the latest educational theories and technologies. Our aim is to support health care professionals in providing the best care for patients.

Let us know what your learning needs are!


We are committed to empowering healthcare professionals with knowledge, skills, & experience, enabling health care professionals to transform patients' lives. We provide continuous learning, adapting to today’s dynamic medical landscape. To support your learning journey, let us know your needs, so we can tailor our programs for you!

Partner with us

To ensure the highest quality and standards in medical education, we partner with the leading experts, foundations, scientific societies, and accreditation bodies in the field of psychiatry, neurology and neuroscience to deliver programs and courses, which translate science into daily clinical practice.

About the Lundbeck Institute:

Since its foundation in 1997, the Lundbeck Institute has provided expert, interactive medical education to healthcare professionals globally. For more than 25 years, the Lundbeck Institute has built a valued legacy in medical education, with the objective of enhancing knowledge, skills, and interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare professionals. Our programs are open to all professionals in health care. 


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