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Compliance Hotline

Lundbeck’s Compliance Hotline 

Lundbeck’s Compliance Hotline  

The Compliance Hotline is a secure and confidential reporting channel managed by an independent provider. When reporting a concern in good faith you will be protected by Lundbeck's Anti-Retaliation policy, as referred to below.



What can be reported?

Concerns about serious misconduct with legal, financial or reputational consequences for Lundbeck should be reported.  You can find examples of specific allegations that may and may not be reported on the “What May Be Reported” link below. Additionally, the Compliance Hotline should not be used for reporting of product complaints or side effects.


You should report these issues via this link: Report a side effect


Please notice that some countries impose additional guidelines on what should be reported or if reports may be submitted anonymously. You can check the affiliates local compliance site for additional information.

How to report?

You can report your concern online using the Compliance Hotline Link which supports multiple languages and is always available. You can also use the Lundbeck Compliance Hotline App available on Apple Store and Google Play.



After reporting

All reported concerns will be investigated by Lundbeck experts. After submitting the report, you can anonymously communicate with the investigator using your case reference number through the Compliance Hotline secure postbox. You will be informed about the status of the investigation within 90 days, as required by the EU Whistleblower Directive. Most cases are also handled within this timeframe, however more complex cases may take more time. Concerns that are substantiated will be followed by corrective and preventive actions.


Lundbeck's non-retaliation policy

Lundbeck will not accept any retaliation or discrimination against any employee or external stakeholder who uses our Compliance Hotline in good faith or participates in an investigation. Any employee who breaches this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions.


Data Privacy

All personal data collected through the Compliance Hotline will be processed in accordance with the applicable regulations.
Please see our Data Privacy Notification here for further information.


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