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Responsible Business Conduct

Acting with Respect and Integrity in Everything We Do

We pursue our business purpose guided by applicable regulatory requirements, the principles in our Code of Conduct and the aspirations in our Sustainability Strategy. Our sense of responsibility is underpinned by five core beliefs: Patient-driven, Courageous, Ambitious, Passionate and Responsible. 

Our Code of Conduct

Lundbeck’s ethical standards are defined by Executive Management with support from a dedicated Compliance Committee representing key global business functions. The committee annually evaluates our ethical performance and initiates needed improvements. Our Chief Compliance Officer provides regular updates on ethics and compliance matters to the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee.


Our Code of Conduct is the backbone of our ethics and compliance culture. It conveys our commitments and expectations to our employees for areas critical to the pharmaceutical industry. All employees and third parties working on Lundbeck’s behalf are obliged to observe the Code of Conduct and any stricter local regulations. In Canada, we are an Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) member company. Read our Third Party Code of Conduct Obligations.


First established in 2010, we update our global Code of Conduct regularly. The most recent update in 2019 reflected changes to internal and external requirements, including the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufactures and Associations (IFPMA) Code of Practice 2019, enhancing regulation in how pharmaceutical companies interact with healthcare professionals. 

We reflect such changes in our operational procedures to encourage good practice. Specific business areas operate under our quality management system to control risk, drive continual improvement and meet regulatory requirements.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the backbone of our ethics and compliance culture. 

Training, monitoring and dialogue

We provide all employees with the best possible conditions to act responsibly. Every year, they complete corporate training on our Code of Conduct and relevant procedures, which involves local discussions on ethics and compliance. 


We support this with audits and continual monitoring to validate understanding of local requirements and capture suggestions for process improvements. Our auditors provide feedback with corrective and preventive actions to ensure local management ownership and follow up.


We encourage everyone to have ongoing dialogue on compliance and ethics with their colleagues and managers. However, we understand that some employees may not want to discuss questions or concerns openly. We are on-hand to provide advice to individuals who are concerned that a matter is not being properly addressed. Anyone can report serious compliance concerns in full confidentiality to Lundbeck’s Compliance Hotline.

Global Sustainability Report

You can read more about our global health and safety initiatives and performance in our most recent Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact.

Promotional compliance

Promotion of medicinal products is strictly regulated and monitored by local authorities. We are committed to complying with applicable regulations. This means maintaining processes and providing extensive training to ensure that promotional activities are appropriately evaluated and approved.


Lundbeck’s promotional and advertising review committee assesses and approves promotional communication materials produced at our headquarters. Our affiliates are responsible for ensuring that promotional materials are reviewed and approved in accordance with local laws, regulations and industry codes, before the materials are used within the specific local market.

Global Tax policy

Lundbeck is tirelessly dedicated to restoring brain health, so every person can be their best. We pursue this purpose in accordance with our five core beliefs, which includes being responsible. This means acting with respect and integrity in everything we do, including observing applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and industry standards. Lundbeck’s Tax Policy sets forward the principles by which we manage our tax affairs in a compliant and responsible manner.

Diversity & Inclusion policy

We are a diverse company determined to build an inclusive high-performance culture that allows all employees to enrich their professional skills and career without discrimination. We believe this is the best way to ensure creativity, innovation, progress and mutual enrichment. The variety in our employees’ ideas, perspectives, and experiences is a valued and necessary part of our competitive advantage. We have adopted a corporate policy as a foundation for discussions on diversity and inclusion among employees and management in the over 50 countries where we operate.

Compliance Hotline

The Compliance Hotline enables you to report legal or other serious concerns which cannot otherwise be properly addressed.

Privacy policy

Lundbeck is committed to safeguarding the rights of patients, research and business partners and our employees in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. We will only collect and process personal data:


  • When we have a specific need and legal basis
  • In a transparent and secure way that protects the privacy of the individual.

We will retain the data no longer than necessary and take prompt action to address any request or complaint related to personal data.

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