Donations And Grants

Making Contributions to Appropriate Purposes

As a leader in brain disease, we have a responsibility to promote disease awareness and help address the societal burden. As part of this work, we selectively provide donations and grants to eligible recipients for appropriate purposes.

Our contributions

Providing donations and grants is one way of confirming our responsibility towards society and helping people living with brain disease to access health provision. Our processes for assessing requests are designed to ensure we can provide contributions without obtaining any benefits in return. 


Contributions we consider include:


  • Financial donations or in-kind donations of materials or services, such as second-hand inventory, knowledge or working time
  • Medical educational grants to improve patient care and health outcomes in brain disease
  • Lundbeck medicinal products where there is an expressed need that cannot be fulfilled otherwise
  • Lundbeck compounds for research purposes, including analytical references or diagnostics

Equally, Lundbeck does not provide donations or grants to:


  • Individual healthcare professionals
  • Religious organizations
  • Political parties or political party candidates
  • Organizations that are not aligned with Lundbeck's Code of Conduct
  • Commercial business activities such as sponsorships
  • Professional sporting or similar events

The information we need from you varies with type of donation or grant. Please consider the type of request carefully and ensure you select the option that best matches your request. 

We accept applications on a continuous basis. Your application will typically be processed within 90 days of submission. If approved, we will prepare a written agreement that needs to be signed by both parties, before the donation or grant can be provided.

H. Lundbeck A/S and its affiliates will consider supporting initiatives that have a positive impact on the lives of people living with brain diseases. We will consider request from eligible recipients for appropriate purposes and give priority to innovative, high-quality projects and activities that:


  • Help people better manage their brain disease e.g. through local community projects
  • Create awareness on topics within psychiatry and neurology 
  • Do not compete with or substitute government funded projects or activities

Apply based on your location to H. Lundbeck A/S or Lundbeck Affiliate:


H. Lundbeck A/S
Please submit the requested information in the application form and send your application.


Lundbeck Affiliate
Please submit the requested information in the application form and send your application directly to the local Lundbeck office by using the global contact form

Lundbeck will consider providing medical educational grants in support of high quality, independent educational programs and materials for healthcare professionals. We aim to help causes that demonstrate the potential to improve patient care and health outcomes in patients with brain diseases.

All requests for financial support from appropriate third-party providers of education to healthcare professionals outside the Unites States must include the information specified in the application form


Please submit the requested information in the application form and send your application.


Educational Grants within the United States

All requests for financial support from appropriate third-party providers of education to healthcare professionals within the Unites States of America must follow the instructions here.


Please note that Lundbeck requires reconciliation for a Medical Education Grant following finalization of the activity.

In the past decades, Lundbeck has established specialist knowledge about medical treatment aimed at restoring brain health so every person can be their best.

In specific situations, we will consider request for donations of Lundbeck medicinal products for purposes in line with current guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO).

This includes situations where a donation of Lundbeck medicinal products may be a temporary solution to a specific, well-defined problem e.g. assistance to hospitals or clinics that do not have other reasonable access to such medicine.

Request for donation of a Lundbeck medicinal product must meet the following criteria:


  • There should be an expressed need for the Lundbeck medicinal product that would not be accessible to the recipient otherwise
  • The medicinal product donation should be time limited and not in any way conducted as part of a marketing or promotional activity
  • Lundbeck holds a valid marketing authorization and exclusive commercialization rights for the Lundbeck medicinal product in the recipient country
  • Lundbeck must be allowed to provide the medicinal product free of charge under local laws, regulations and administrative procedures in the recipient country
  • Donations are only provided to eligible recipients e.g. a hospital or clinic and not individual healthcare professionals, political or religious organizations
  • The Lundbeck medicinal product have at least one year remaining of the approved shelf life
  • Lundbeck must determine and ensure that the recipient has adequate capacity to handle the donation and administer the Lundbeck medicinal product to patients, and agree in advance with the recipient the appropriate disposal or reverse logistics of expired product.

Please submit the information requested in the application form and send your application.

H. Lundbeck A/S will consider providing external scientists access to compounds or related material to support independent medical research.


We may consider requests for donations of small amounts of Lundbeck compounds for use as reference standards for analytical purposes. We may also give access to Lundbeck compounds, materials or methods for research in general. 


We give priority to original high-quality projects where scientists aim to create new disease biology understanding and validate potential drug targets.


Please submit the information requested in the application form and send your application.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Corporate Compliance & Sustainability function

Applications to the Lundbeck Foundation must be directed to

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