Understanding Brain Diseases

Living With a Brain Disease

Close the half of the world's population live with a brain disease.1 But stats don’t matter - until you, or someone you know, becomes one.

We recognize that people living with brain diseases lose the viable parts of who they are, and these changes bring new realities not only for the person but for their families, friends, colleagues, and networks.



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Improving outcomes for people in the medical treatment of their diseases is a commitment Lundbeck proudly owns.

We work closely with patients, healthcare professionals and the scientific community to find the answers to the unsolved questions of neuroscience.

For us and for you, the first step on the journey to brain health is to understand what causes brain diseases, how they progress, and what we can do to prevent or eliminate their onset.

  1. Taken into account that approximately 25% of people accounted to be impacted by more than one type of brain health condition, we have adjusted the total prevalence of brain disorders for estimated co-morbidity between neurological, mental health and substance abuse disorders based on analysis of the Truven Marketscan U.S. Claims database (2019).

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Lundbeck has developed some of the world’s most widely prescribed therapies. 

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We are committed to providing transformative outcomes to people living with brain disease.

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How we register clinical trial protocols and disclose results of clinical trials.