Cookie Policy

How We Use Cookies

Cookies are used by virtually all websites. In some cases, the use of cookies is the only way in which a website can function as intended. Furthermore, cookies can help us get an overview of your visits to our website so that we can continually optimize and target it to your needs and interests. For example, cookies remember whether you have visited the website previously.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other IT device, also referred to as ‘terminal equipment’. It enables the recognition of your terminal equipment and the collection of information about which pages are visited and which features are used. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain a virus.


This website also uses cookies. We will not store cookies on your device before you allow us to, besides strictly technical cookies that are necessary to make the site operate. However, not accepting the storage of cookies on your device may result in the website not functioning optimally and that certain features cannot be used, such as our video player.

Cookies and Personal Data

When cookies are stored information about which type of browser and search words you use, your IP-address, including your network location and information about your computer will be collected.Cookies, in themselves, cannot see who you are, what your name is, where you live, or if your computer is used by one or more people. However, cookies may, depending upon the circumstances, be used to identify you indirectly when the collected information is combined with other information. We will not attempt to make such identification, but were this do happen nonetheless, the information will be treated as personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.


For additional information, including a description of your rights and the contact details of our Data Protection Officer (DPO), please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What types of cookies do we use on our website, and what is the purpose?

We may use the following types of cookies:


Technical and necessary
Technical and necessary cookies are cookies that are, in part, a technical prerequisite in order for the website to work and, in part, enable it to function by activating the basic features such as page navigation. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.


Functional cookies allow a website to remember information that changes the way a website appears or behaves in order, for example, to show the website in a relevant language.


Statistical cookies help website owners understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously. We use cookies for statistical purposes to improve user friendliness. We use the information, for instance, to gain knowledge about the number of visitors there are and about user behavior.


Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. The purpose is to show advertisements that are relevant and engaging to the individual user, and thus more valuable to publishers and third-party advertisers.


Unclassified cookies are cookies in the process of being classified as either technical and necessary, functional, statistical or marketing. The classification of cookies happens in cooperation with the providers of the individual cookies.


You can share content from our website on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can expect that social networks store cookies. Which and for what purpose differs from network to network, but it is the provider of the given network that is responsible for informing about the storage of these cookies and ensuring your consent.


We also have collaborators who store cookies through our website and have access to information collected by cookies sent from our website. The identity of such third parties is stated in the cookie declaration.

How long are cookies stored?

The cookie’s life span may vary depending on what the individual providers have set them at. Some cookies disappear as soon as you close the browser window, others may exist for several years. Many providers typically use a 12- or 24-month life span on their statistical-, advertisement-, and content related cookies. The life span is prolonged after each visit.

How are cookies avoided or removed?

You can withdraw your consent to cookies or change your cookie settings at any time by clicking the “Cookie Settings” icon at the bottom of our website by ticking or un-ticking the boxes. If you do not consent to cookies, it can result in parts of the website not functioning or appearing properly.


Likewise, you can delete previously stored cookies. The method deleting those previously stored depends on the browser and the device being used to visit the website. You can read more about this is in relation to the individual browsers:


Internet Explorer
iPhone, iPad, etc.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Flash cookies (applies to all browsers)
Smartphones with Android
Smartphones with Windows

Do you have questions?

If you have comments or questions regarding our information and/or processing of personal information, please feel free to contact us at The actual cookie banner is provided by Cookie Information ApS, and if you have any questions or technical issues with it, please write to