Generating Innovation Through Collaboration

The complexity of brain diseases requires a concerted effort. We are committed to advancing science, from innovations born in house or externally, to develop new and better treatment options. We partner with mission-similar stakeholders to accelerate our efforts because our success – our patient’s success – depends on it.

Who we Are

Lundbeck is globally recognized as one of the leading companies within neurological and psychiatric disorders. 


Partnering with external specialists in their respective fields of brain disease is a cornerstone of our strategy, and we always strive to be the partner of choice. Lundbeck holds the knowledge, capabilities and financial stability to spur innovation, both through our internal laboratories and external partners.


We enter into partnerships recognizing that your business strengths are different and complementary to our own. This is why we customize each partnership to ensure value creation and to translate today’s know-how into tomorrow’s advancements in life-changing therapies.

Our Partnering Process

We have a rigorous process to screen, assess, and execute on external opportunities ranging from technologies, pipeline assets, and company acquisitions. We use a tried-and-tested cross-functional approach to conduct an effective in-depth evaluation of every business development opportunity.

Our established business development process involves four key stages:


Stage 0 – Initial evaluation


  • Initial scientific evaluation
  • Identifying each candidate as a potential partnering opportunity
  • Evaluation of business hypothesis
  • Entry into a CDA (confidential disclosure agreement)


Stage 1 – Full evaluation


  • In-depth internal evaluation of confidential material to confirm scientific rationale
  • In-depth internal commercial assessment of business rationale
  • Initial business case development
  • Development of non-binding terms


Stage 2 - Due diligence and confirmation of business rationale


  • Completion of due diligence
  • External validation of business rationale, including market research, and exclusivity assessment
  • Confirmation of business case


Stage 3 - Negotiation and contracting


  • Negotiating deal terms and conditions
  • Finalizing deal terms and conditions
  • Finalizing contract


Our business development team works closely with internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure an agile exchange, knowledge sharing and fast decision making.


In this way, we aim to create the strongest possible foundation for a mutual understanding of how to shape the market for tomorrow.


Opportunities include commercial partnerships and acquisitions, strategic research and development (R&D) collaborations, access to assets, and supportive technologies. 

Areas of Interest

Our primary ambition is to find innovative projects and products that will advance neuroscience and develop novel and innovative treatments for patients. By combining our internal R&D capabilities with external alliances, we significantly broaden the opportunities to achieve our end goal. These include:


  • Discovery technology platforms
  • Enabling technologies, such as biomarkers and imaging
  • Digital platforms, such as wearables
  • Discovery projects
  • Pre-clinical projects
  • Early and mid-stage developments projects
  • Regional and global commercialized products

Successful partnerships, from early-stage science to commercialization, have been one of the main drivers in establishing Lundbeck’s current position in brain science. We actively seek access to external innovation, particularly where we see best-in-class opportunities to develop transformative medicines, and where we can leverage our own global drug development and commercial expertise to bring new medicines to patients.


Our partnerships are equally valued, whether small or large, which allows us to fine-tune each partnership according to specific needs and circumstances. Across our therapeutic, technological and research areas, we seek:

Strategic Partnerships

  • In-licensing
  • Out-licensing
  • Open innovation
  • Academic collaborations
  • Acquisitions
  • Equity investments

Current Partnerships & Alliance Management

The treatments we have launched over the last 10 years demonstrate Lundbeck’s ability and commitment to establishing exceptional partnerships. Once we’ve entered into a partnership, our Strategic Alliance Management Team takes the lead on laying the foundation for a well-functioning relationship. Some of our longstanding valued partnerships include:

Local and Global Deals

Neurological and psychiatric diseases are global issues. Therefore, we seek to leverage our innovative culture, expertise and reputation to build on our global presence by bringing innovative therapies to each and every market.


Our Focus in Partnering

Lundbeck is a member of several scientific, multi-disciplinary partnerships with an array of stakeholders. Our focus is on contributing to future strategic directions as well as generating enablers that: 


  • Generate new scientific insight
  • Develop platforms, tools, and standards to support drug discovery and development
  • Create synergy and networks among key stakeholders 
  • Provide complementary competencies to our own capabilities 

Today, Lundbeck is recognized as an attractive partner within brain diseases and we use it as a steppingstone to create value. We continue our internal research and activities across the value chain and supplement with external collaborations. In fact, if we look at the success we have today and have had for the last 20 years, collaborations and partnerships have played an important role.

A Global, Networked Ecosystem

Lundbeck’s long experience and continuous work within diseases of the brain has provided us with a strong global network in preclinical and clinical neuroscience research. Our partners represent expertise from several scientific areas and are typically from academia, health organizations, regulatory authorities, patient groups, scientific and medical societies, and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry.


Partnerships provide Lundbeck with the opportunity to exchange expertise and insights that can support joint strategic projects. Depending on the scope, a partnership can provide access to, for example, research assays, biomarkers, validated clinical outcome measures (including digital tools), large databases, in addition to valuable networks.  


The partnerships are typically created around a common goal where all partners contribute with human resources. Industry and society partners may also contribute with financial resources. Partnerships normally run for a period of 2-5 years. 

Our Partners

Lundbeck collaborates with companies, academic institutions, individuals, and third parties from around the world:


IBM Watson

University of Glasgow

Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

The Michael J. Fox Foundation




Massachusetts Life Sciences Center


Critical Path Institute

Alzheimer's Association











Mochida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.




Chelsea Therapeutics


Abide Therapeutics

Alder Biopharmaceuticals

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