World Mental Health Day

WMHD 2022

Each year on October 10, Lundbeck and the rest of the world celebrate World Mental Health Day (WMHD), and this year is no different. The global burden of mental health disorders is growing, and mental well-being, care and acceptance should be prioritized by all stakeholders.  

LinkedIn Live event: Neuroscience-based insights that can help you thrive

Join our LinkedIn Live event on mental well-being through neuroscience, on October 10, 2022, 2:30-3:30 PM (CEST), and be inspired to work smarter and lead a better and happier life! To mark #WorldMentalHealthDay and the importance of mental health, Lundbeck teams up with neuroscientist and award-winning author and keynote speaker Friederike Fabritius.

As a leader in brain health, Lundbeck proudly supports World Mental Health Day to eradicate stigma and enable policy and societal change. Why we care:

  • Our purpose is to restoring brain health, so everyone can be their best, encompassing what we do to serve people living with psychiatric and/or neurological diseases.
  • At Lundbeck, we see brain health as being a fundamental part of health, spanning across the life course of individuals. It is not just about the absence of a disease but includes the ability for those living with a brain disease to thrive.
  • We are committed to fighting the stigma of mental health disorders and engage with community-based partners to eliminate barriers that prevent people living with mental health disorders from being their best.
  • We are the only global pharmaceutical company solely focused on the brain, and we have never wavered in our purpose. For more than 70 years, we have been dedicated to bettering the lives of people with mental health disorders.​

Position On Brain Health (PDF, 491 KB)

Position On Mental Health (PDF, 491 KB)

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